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Franchise Opportunities


    Moochi Moochi Moochi is an Australian owned and operated business. We are the fastest growing and largest frozen yogurt chain in Australia with over 20 locations established since 2011. We offer yoghurt that is made from real ingredients and actually tastes like yogurt without compromising on taste. The Moochi Difference is simple; Our popularity has come from the real and genuine taste of our all natural low fat frozen yoghurt, our unique branding and customer service experience.     Cartridge World Cartridge World is one of the world’s largest dedicated specialty retailers of ink and toner printer cartridges and one of the world’s fastest growing franchises.  With over 200 stores nationwide and 1,450 stores in 56 other countries we are conveniently located and will be happy to provide you with everything you could possibly need when it comes to cartridges and printing. Cartridge World operates in the fast-paced information technology environment. Advancements in information technology over the past decade have transformed business to be dependent on computers and printers. Consequently, refilling printer cartridges has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world.   express lube Express Lube Australia’s first and ONLY “No Booking Required, While You Wait” auto servicing centres. Our concept is to focus primarily on convenience and speed of service while maintaining exceptional quality, workmanship and customer service levels. With exceptionally high volume and turn over, combined with nationally negotiated pricing on our products, we are able to offer servicing at a price significantly lower than all our competitors while achieving high profitability for our operators. Why we do it? Growing our Network Express Lube was established in 2009 by Damian Young and Damon Rybie of Canada after realizing that this type of efficient servicing was desperately needed in Australia. After opening their first outlet in West Gosford on the Central Coast in October 2009, a second location was added in July 2011 and due to demand a third location was opened May 2013. People try us once and not only use us forever…but are excited to spread the word to all of their friends and family!   Kono Pizza Kono Pizza Started in 2002 as a result of a brilliant creative idea by the Master of Culinary Art – Rossano Boscolo, from 2003 onwards Kono Pizza created a catering concern equipped with all the services needed to open and manage points of sale. A unique project of its kind, the ‘Pizza da Passeggio’ (walkaway pizza) in the form of a cone, is the result of advanced studies and research both of a culinary nature and in terms of technological innovation. Immediately at the presentation of the KonoPizza idea at the Triennial Exhibition in Milan in April 2004, the project proved highly successful and enjoyed rapid growth leading to the opening of numerous points of sale both in Italy and abroad right from the first year and subsequently continuous, constant growth.   ZAP Fitness ZAP Fitness Zap Fitness never sleeps. We’re open 24 hours a day; 7 days a week; 365 days a year. You can work out on Christmas Day or at 3am if you wish! Just Zap your personal key in the door and our world opens up. Flip Out Flip Out Flip Out™ Trampoline Arena is Australia’s first & largest trampoline playground. First opened in Western Sydney, soon most regions or suburbs in the country will have a Flip Out™ centre. We, at Flip Out™, aim to give you healthy & awesome fun through our massive trampolines, ball games, events, and more surprises to everyone’s enjoyment. As an Australian owned company, Flip Out™ has been a work in progress for over 2 years in the making – before the first arena in Penrith opened. The idea first came about while the owner & CEO Brent Grundy was sitting in a play centre waiting for a kid’s party to finish and get over with. He looked around and noticed that 50% of the play centre was full of kids that were either too big or the event was half full of people with nothing to do but wait; and that the parents and guardians are extremely bored and drained from the noise. He then decided to create a facility that would not only entertain the kids but also mum and dad, and even the grandparents… So Flip Out™ was born.   KX Pilates                

KX Pilates

KX Pilates is Melbourne`s first High Performance Pilates studio, offering the most innovative and intensive approach to full body conditioning. Hot out of LA and London`s top Pilates studios, KX Pilates is a revolutionary new fast paced, High Intensive body-toning workout that fuses the core strengthening elements of traditional Pilates with circuit, cardio and endurance training.   healthyhabits              

Healthy Habits  

Healthy Habits is an Australian sandwich franchise with a difference. In 2012 more than six out of every ten Australians are overweight or obese.* This nation-wide health problem demonstrates the growing need for convenient healthy food options. At Healthy Habits we want to show Australians that healthy food can be delicious too. At Healthy Habits we provide the experience of joy that comes with discovering healthy food that still offers tastes that explode on the tongue. Our menu provides a twist on the traditional favourites and uses a range of delicious sauces and dressings to bring excitement to the standard wrap, sandwich or salad. Healthy Habits is owned by the Dymocks Group of Companies, arguably Australia’s most iconic and successful Australian-owned franchisor.   spudbar           Spudbar  Spudbar was founded in 2000 around the simple promise to create delicious food that’s healthy, great value, quick and casual. We discovered the spud was the perfect platform to build a meal around – delicious, filling and much healthier than the typical meal staples of pasta, bread and rice. Back in 2000 if you wanted something quick, it had to be ‘fast food’ and fast food was junk food. We created a better tasting and healthier option – people loved it and we continue to refine it.   bikeforce              

Bike Force

Bike Force Australia was established in 1991, when two stores began trading in Subiaco and Woodvale. These stores were soon re-located to larger premises with the aim of offering customers the best selection of quality bicycles, parts, accessories and back-up support to keep them running to perfection – all at competitive prices. Since then Bike Force has opened another 11 stores in Western Australia. In November 2005 the first interstate store was opened in Queensland and July 2007 saw the first of 3 stores opened in Victoria. The group now boasts 20 stores Australia wide. By combining the right mix of people with the right skills and knowledge we are confident that Bike Force will continue to uphold the highest standards of industry expertise.     jimsbuildinginspections            

Jim’s Building Inspection​

We are proud of our franchisees and the work they do helping our clients make better purchasing decisions.  With many sole or single person businesses out there we believe our team and the Jim’s brand combined deliver a reliable and trustworthy service that takes the guess work out of choosing a building inspection provider. We believe the collaboration, shared skills, ideas, energy and experience of our Franchisees benefits our clients and our business.  We hope you enjoy finding out more about your local building inspector.     guyliancafe          


Indulge your passion for the finest Belgian chocolates, exquisite cakes and decadent desserts. Enjoy a glass of champagne or a coffee as you take a delicious journey of discovery. Experience the rich, luscious flavours that only Guylian promises. Delight in our extravagant petit fours and individual desserts. Ideal for breakfast, lunch, high tea, an after work drink or even a shopping break – just indulge, enjoy, relax. Many of our customers come in either before or after the theatre. Our Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafés are the perfect place to hand select your favourite chocolates and truffles for a special occasion or treat. Choose from the most luxurious milk, dark and white Belgian chocolate truffles, rich hazelnut pralines and velvety fruit mousses.