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About Us


International Business Brokerage Corporation IBB Corp is a business broking firm specializing in the sales and purchases of small to medium businesses and commercial properties. We have extensive experience in dealing with all kinds of business transactions and understand the impact the transition of a business can make to your life. At IBB Corp we have a philosophy based on integrity, professionalism, knowledge and expertise. We strive to attain the best results for both selling and buying parties in a professional and timely manner. We also have a broad database of buyers who have expressed interest in a range of businesses and industry categories which we are able to match against your business. Many of these buyers are ready to purchase and actively seeking to acquire businesses. Our broker’s primary objective is to professionally market your business and achieve an optimum sale value while you continue to run the business and enhance its value. Free business appraisals We assess your business and its likely worth in the current market, to provide you with a recommended sale price. Marketing your business for sale We subscribe to all leading business for sale websites as well as using our extensive database of buyers. Qualifying buyers to save you time We qualify buyers by conducting a pre inspection interview in order to find out exactly what the buyers needs and wants are so that we could establish the right business for them. Assistance in the negotiation process We assist in the negotiation process. This is a very sensitive process and we aim to deal with this process in the most professional manner. Selling your business for the right price Receiving the best outcome for your business is one of our main priorities and we have several different ways we look at in order to properly evaluate your business. It is important for us to get all the financials available to best determine the selling price. As selling a business is relatively different from selling a house there are many more factors that are involved and unlike for houses we cannot use the comparable process. There a several different factors that will need to be taken into account such as lease, rent, fit out, takings, staff, trading hours and goodwill. What IBB Corp believes in Our main mission is to continue to be committed to enhancing the quality of high performance throughout our work as IBB Corp is passionate about achieving the best possible outcomes. We also expect individual and team accountability and we encourage innovation. Our values at IBB Corp are respect, integrity and working together. “Selling your business is our business”